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This revolutionary Journal combines the benefits of

4 Journals in one. It will guide you through daily

Personal Development, Motivation, Dream Work,

Time Management and so much more.

Each session of the Your Nine Steps ℠ Program Online class comes with a proprietary workbook

filled with valuable exercises, tools, homework, graphics and wisdom.

They are only available to students of the Your Nine Steps℠ Online Course.

Everyone’s life is a story filled with adventures, successes, tragedies and heroic comebacks.

Everyone has skills, strengths, experiences and passions that they could teach to other like-minded people where both can have their lives changed.

Graduates of the Your Nine Steps Program are invited to take the next step with Personal Development Legends Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi

in a revolutionary Online Learning Program called The Knowledge Broker Blueprint, with incredible integrated marketing software and Facebook Live support .

This is the course that inspired and supported Mike through the process of creating the Your Nine Steps ℠ Program.

It also guided the marketing and advertising of the program.

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