Mike DeLuca


Mike DeLuca is the Founder and Chief Instructor for The Nine Steps Programs. He is also the Owner of Integrative Wellness and Development LLC , the parent company for the program.

He is an internationally recognized business coach, consultant, author, speaker, instructor, media personality, and entrepreneur.

Mike began his professional career in Rehabilitation Services after graduating from the University of Connecticut. He quickly became the youngest program manager in the world, responsible for spreading the Projects with Industry program throughout New England. There, Mike integrated the resources of Federal and State agencies with rehabilitation hospitals/centers, vocational rehabilitation services and the training and employment functions of major corporations. This lead to the training and placement of tens of thousands of disabled workers back into gainful employment in organizations such as IBM, Yale University, United Technologies, GE, Perkin Elmer, Pratt & Whitney, United Illuminating, and hundreds more.

Mike moved into the private sector where he integrated the use of special traffic safety technology with Federal, State and Municipal departments of Traffic Control and Emergency Services. This resulted in the savings of thousands of lives and millions of tax dollars by dramatically reducing the response time of  Fire, Police and EMS vehicles, as well as preventing traffic collisions along their response routes.

Mike transitioned to developing and marketing Integrative Health products through electronic retailing channels. He launched a pioneering Natural Health and Fitness E-Commerce site supported by radio and television infomercials, newsletters, catalogs and in-the-box advertisements. He also co-hosted a nationally self-syndicated Natural Health talk radio show, and produced a number of radio and television infomercials and specials.

Mike moved his efforts to assisting Latin American companies in the integration of their production, maintenance, logistics and human resource management processes. This resulted in finding over $40 Billion worth of dramatic improvements in productivity and cost reduction for companies like British Petroleum, Shell Oil, British Gas, VALE, Carvajal Pulp & Paper, Methanex, and Mossberg.

Mike has assisted thousands of veterinary practices in implementing Integrative Medicine protocols and products into their practices through the Vets First Choice Digital Prescription Management System. This has resulted in dramatic improvements in patient health, client satisfaction and practice revenue generation.

In addition to the Your Nine Steps Program℠ Mike is the internationally recognized author of DreamLearning™, as well as a lecturer and workshop facilitator for a variety business, spiritual and personal development organizations. He has shared a unique approach to personal development that integrates the physical, emotional, intellectual, professional, and spiritual development of the individual. He has presented to tens of thousands of seminar attendees and tens of millions of radio and television audience members throughout North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. His efforts to improve the health, happiness and personal development of adults and children around the world, have earned him the title of “Honorary Chief” in several countries.

As a 40-year+ veteran of the martial arts and personal-protection, Mike holds a Black Belt in To-Shin-Do as well as advanced training in Ninjutsu, Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, and Karate. Mike has developed a unique approach to integrating:

  • Personal-Safety and Empowerment
  • Abduction and Rape Prevention
  • Anti-bullying Strategies
  • Mindfulness
  • Physical, Emotional, Memory, Mental and Spiritual Wellness